Blini Mini-Stack with Red Caviar - 20.00

50 Grams of Salmon Red Caviar served with 5 Blini Add 50 grams more for 15


Blini - 10.00

2 Russian crepes with your choice of Meat or Salmon


Dessert Blini - 4/6

Fillings of your choice: Fruit Jam, Honey, Nutella, Condensed Milk, Tvorog or Peanut Butter


Oladushki - 7.00

Traditional Russian Pancakes served with Sour Cream, Berries, Maple Syrup and Condensed Milk on side Available as Gluten Free unpon request +1


Apple and Cinnamon Oladushki - 8.00

Traditional Russian Pancakes served with Sour Cream,
Berries, Maple Syrup and Condensed Milk on side
Available as Gluten Free unpon request +1


Homemade Tvorog - 10.00

Farmer’s Cheese served with Sour Cream, Berries Condensed Milk


Traditional Syrniki - 10.00

4 Tvorog Fritters with Sour Cream, Berries, Maple Syrup and Condensed Milk on side


2 Egg Omelette or Fried Eggs - 9.50

Choice of Fillings: Cheese, Onion, Potatoes, Capers
Additional: Avocado 1.50 Fried Beef 2 (Spicy upon Request) bacon 1.50, Salmon 2 Red Caviar 7 Uzbek Veggies 1.50 (Spicy upon Request)


Potato Zrazy - 10

2 Fried potato rolls served with sour cream.Your choice of Fillings: Ham and Cheese, Salmon
and Feta, Ground Beef and Pork, Mushroom and Onion


Draniki - 10

2 Potato Hash Brown


Zucchini Draniki with Cheese - 10

Served with Sour Cream and Lemon Zest


Spring Salad - 7

Your choice of Toppings: Egg 0.50 Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onion 1.50 Bacon 1.50
Mixed Nuts and Berries 1.50 Shrimp 7 Crab Meat 10 Grilled Chicken 5 Feta Cheese 1.50 Avocado 1.50


Mimosa 4 Mimosa Bottle Service 18(Includes 3 Juices)
Bloody Masha 10    Infusion Bloody Masha 12




Vegetarian Menu


Classical Julienne
Wild mushrooms in sour cream sauce baked to perfection


Russian Blini – 3.5
Traditional Russian crepes with filling of your choice: cheese or sour cream


Eggplant Rolls 6
Chilled, grilled eggplant slices rolled and stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes


Beets Zakuska - 7.50

Finely shredded beets minced with prunes, walnuts, and pickles with a touch of garlic

Stuffed Mushroom - 9.00

A portabella mushroom grilled and stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, salted cucumber, and fried onions


Vegetable Garden - 9.00

Pickled vegetables


Homemade Sauerkraut - 5.00

Finely shredded cabbage fermented by various lactic acid and bacteria. Has a distinctive sour flavor


Zucchini or Eggplant Spread Ikra - 8.00

The word “ikra” means “caviar” or  “vegetable puree/pate”. Suitable as a snack on the bread alone, perfectly complements vegetarian and meat dishes


Eggplant Appetizer - 8.00

Marinated and roasted eggplants


Pirozhki - 5.00

Portion of 2. Individual-sized baked buns stuffed with a variety of fillings. Goes great with any soup or salad. Your choice of beef, cabbage, potato & mushrooms



Soups and Salads

Wild Mushroom Soup - 10.00

A heart-warming vegetarian soup, served with sour cream and greens


Cold Borsch - 7.00

Light vegetarian beet soup. Served cold


Vinaigrette - 8.00

Russian beet salad with beautiful coloring. Suits almost any diet and has a great taste


Tarragon Salad - 10.00

Mixed greens, spiced caramelized pecans, grapes, cherry tomatoes. Served in tarragon goat cheese dressing



Potatoes with Wild Mushrooms - 14.00

Fried potatoes with wild mushrooms and fried onions


Vareniki - 5.00

Half-moons of dough filled with your choice of cottage cheese, cherry or potato/mushroom



Country Style Potatoes - 6.00

Sautéed potatoes with basil, garlic, and cheese


Boiled Potatoes - 4.00


Buckwheat - 4.00

A porridge made from boiled buckwheat groats, which has a toasty and nutty flavor


Grilled Vegetables - 6.00


Mashed Potatoes - 5.00



Cafe Menu
Cafe Menu
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